This plan covers the requirements of the accident prevention rules and safety programs to be applied during rig moves and all other CEE VEE CEE operations. The primary purpose of this plan is to provide a guideline for preventing any accidents, which may injure employees or damage any equipment involved in our operations. At CEE VEE CEE we are confident that the strict implementation of safety measures is the key factor to the prevention of accidents, injuries to employees, loss of exposure hours, health risks or death.

In recognition of this reality, CEE VEE CEE upholds the commitment and practice of the highest degree of ethical and safety procedures among its employees and clients. Our employees have the right to an accident-free environment, and thus share equal responsibilities in attaining and sustaining such an environment.

In order to reinforce the above safety measures, the CEE VEE CEE management team aims for its Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management System, (HSEQ MS), to be acknowledged and addressed by its employees. This document is therefore expected to provide the advocacy that is needed to inculcate safety awareness in all company employees as they carry out their individual and collective tasks. The management trusts that this implementation will yield positive results.

CEE VEE CEE NIG. LTD is an indigenous company involved in oil field activity. The management is aware of the hazardous nature of our jobs and intends to always execute all phases of our work safely and economically. It is our policy to carry out our operations of the health, safety, environment & quality policy as well as to ensure our clients’ rules and regulations are not violated.

In order to achieve these goals our management shall continue to accept both its legal and moral obligation towards its work force by creating a safe, secured and a healthy working environment, well defined accident prevention measures and training for all employees. The company shall do everything within its reach to minimize the impact on the environment in which all its operation are carried out and shall ensure the protection of life and property of the neighboring Community in which it operates. The company strongly believes that health, safety, environment and security targets must be given equal priority as well as production and financial targets. To this end, every CEE VEE CEE employee must integrate HSEQ policy into all the company daily activities especially during job planning and execution.