Who We Are

The need for an effective Oil Support Base Company in Nigeria, moving side by side with oil drilling contractors to provide requisite integrated logistic services,has become imperative due to the specific needs of the developing Nigerian environment. CEE VEE CEE Nigeria Limited provides requisite integrated onshore logistic services, rigging solutions, specialized transport and heavy lift services for major contractors in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, CEE VEE CEE provides on-de- mand transportation offering client specific solutions to supply chain needs.We enable efficient management of the supply chain by ensuring that goods or services are available where and when they are needed in good condition.

Our diverse and trained workforce consists of Nigerians and expatriates who work hard together to deliver work to clients on time and within budget.

We are registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company with REGISTRATION number RC:97126.